Google to move Google+ business customers to Currents on July 6

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Google will move G Suite customers still using Google+ to Google Currents on July 6. On that date, Currents will be out of beta and will be available to all G Suite customers. This transition is automatic and must be completed in five days.

Although the consumer version of Google+ has been offline for over a year, the business version was still available. That will change in July, according to an email sent by Google to G Suite admins and by Twitter users. has been put online. According to that mail, Currents has a new design compared to Google+ and there are extra functions for users and admins. For example, admins will soon be able to give certain users moderation rights. At Currents, messages can also be sorted by relevance and entries from, for example, directors can be pinned.

Google unveiled Currents in April last year. Admins and companies wishing to participate in the beta phase had to contact Google. Beginning July 6, all G Suite customers using Google+ will be automatically migrated to Google Currents. Then the iOS and Android apps from Google+ will also be replaced by Google Currents. All Google+ links will still work and will refer to Currents pages in the future. Google decided to discontinue Google+ after a serious privacy bug came to light.

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