Bing Maps will use TomTom maps

Microsoft starts integrating TomTom map material into the Bing Maps Platform. Over the coming months, customers will gradually be transitioned to the new cards. and other Microsoft products will also use the cards.

Microsoft writes that the Bing Maps Platform always uses multiple data providers and that this mix is ​​now being adjusted. Microsoft does not specify which suppliers these are all, but there is a copyright icon of Here at Bing Maps. For the base map data of this Bing Maps Platform, Microsoft will now use maps from TomTom. This will be phased out for customers since March 2020. First party Microsoft products that use Bing Maps have also been ported to TomTom maps since March.

The phased integration of the TomTom maps in the Bing Maps Platform will start this week. The business customers using it will see this change in the coming months. The customers do not have to do anything for this. Microsoft emphasizes that no functionality, APIs, or SDKs will be lost with this migration.

The German Windows United has an email from Bing Maps, which shows that the integration should be ready at the end of August. Customers can pre-enable the integration or see what the changes will be through the Bing Maps Dev Center. Customers can also see there whether they are already on the new base map data or not.

The integration of the TomTom map data is a result of the extensive collaboration between Microsoft and TomTom. The expansion of this partnership was announced in early 2019. TomTom’s base map data is for the whole world, with the exception of China, Japan and South Korea.