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Google seems to support installation of Chrome OS on old laptops

Google has acquired Neverware, a company that develops CloudReady OS based on Chromium. In time, CloudReady OS should become a Chrome OS offering, with which existing PCs can probably be equipped with Google’s operating system.

Neverware confirms the acquisition by stating that Neverware and CloudReady are part of the Chrome OS team. The company promises to reveal more about what the acquisition means for users in the coming weeks and months, but it already provides some information in a faq . It says that CloudReady will become an official Chrome OS offering in the long run, and releases will coincide with Chrome OS versions.

For now, nothing will change to CloudReady’s free Home Editions and support, the company said. The company also promises that Google will continue to honor the agreements for the paid Enterprise and Education versions of the software.

Neverware was founded in 2011 with the aim of being able to use existing computers such as old laptops with an operating system for as long as possible. CloudReady, a Chromium-based operating system, appeared in 2015. The Chrome OS fork can be placed on systems with x86-Windows via a USB installer and also works on Mac systems. The Home Edition is free. Neverware has supported the software on certified devices for thirteen years.

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