Gmail had a major outage preventing messages from being received

Gmail suffered a major outage on Tuesday evening, causing messages sent to addresses not to be delivered. It was the second major outage in a week.

The outage started on Tuesday evening around 9:42 PM and was resolved a little before 1:00 AM on Wednesday . Users reported on Tuesday evening that they did have access to Gmail. However, messages sent to addresses got a bounce notification that the email account they were trying to reach did not exist.

The problems occurred worldwide. Google itself speaks of a ‘significant amount’ of users who were affected. It is not known whether the outage affected all users. The last time Google itself announced how many Gmail users there were in total was in 2018; then the webmail service had 1.5 billion active accounts.

It is the second time in a week that Gmail has gone down. On Monday, the issue was that users were unable to log in to Gmail and other Google services, such as YouTube and GSuite, due to an authentication failure.