Korean media: Samsung will release Galaxy Note next year

Samsung would release a Galaxy Note next year. An anonymous Samsung employee claims this to Korean media.

New clues appeared on Wednesday that seemed to indicate an impending end for the Galaxy Note, but an anonymous Samsung employee debunked the rumors against Yonhap News. “We are preparing the release of the Galaxy Note series next year,” said the employee.

Earlier on Wednesday, a top executive from Samsung’s mobile division, Roh Tae-moon, had hinted that the company’s Galaxy smartphones will support the S-Pen stylus. There were rumors about this too. The S-Pen has been a distinctive feature of the Galaxy Note until now. For example, if a high-end version of a Galaxy S21 gets the S-Pen, the question is what role the Galaxy Note still plays in Samsung’s offer.

“Roh’s message does not mean that the Galaxy Note series is going to end,” the Samsung employee told Yonhap. Samsung may release a Galaxy Note for the last time next year. A smartphone market analyst called that ‘likely’ to ETNews at the end of November. In mid-November, several sources claimed that Samsung did not have a Galaxy Note 21 in development.