Google removes requirement to use real name with Google+

Google+ users are no longer required to use their real name for the social network. Google removes all restrictions on the use of names and apologizes for the inconvenience of the previous policy.

The restriction to require users’ real names to sign in, which went into effect at the start of the social network three years ago, has helped Google “create a community of real people.” “However, it also excluded a number of people who wanted to participate, but without using their real names,” Google admits. The policy has been criticized by many, and many people have seen the restriction not to use a pseudonym as an obstacle to signing up for Google+.

In recent years, Google has relaxed the requirements somewhat and, among other things, YouTube users could use their alias on Google+. However, this made the policy unnecessarily complicated, the search company acknowledges, which is why the step has been taken to lift all restrictions.

The move follows the departure of Google+ CEO Vic Gundotra at the end of April this year and rumors of a drastic cutback in the development of the social network and the shift of development teams to Android. In response to those rumors, Google has denied that the Google+ policy has changed.