Google releases first beta Android Q Q

Google will release the first beta of Android Q on Wednesday evening. The previous versions of Android first came out as a developer preview, but this version is not only for developers, but also for early adopters, according to the search giant.

Users can register via the Android Beta page, but it is not live at the time of writing. Due to high demand, all Pixel phones will support the beta, Google writes, including the first generation of Pixels that are currently 2.5 years old and will be near the end of their support period by the time Q comes out.

Because the builds are not yet online, it is not yet known which features are and are not in the beta. A leaked build from January revealed advanced privacy settings, including the ability to block apps from requesting location in the background. There is also a dark mode that works throughout Android.

The beta also has support for foldable smartphones such as the Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold, among other things by speeding up the process of adjusting apps on the screen size, writes The Verge. There is also a pop-up screen for settings around WiFi and Bluetooth, so that users no longer have to go to the settings menu to connect a Bluetooth speaker, for example.