Google opens Chrome OS developer hub

Google has set up a hub for Chrome OS app developers. is a website where developers and designers can find resources for building or optimizing applications for the operating system. will feature news about products and new features in Chrome OS, and it will be a repository for technical documentation. Google also puts samples of code from popular apps on the site and developers and Google employees can exchange ideas and tips. The site is also the official place where the layout and ux guidelines for Chrome OS will be placed.

Part of the site is intended for Linux developers, as Chrome OS can now also run Linux apps. That section provides guides for editing the Linux terminal in the operating system, installing Android Studio, and debugging Android apps. There should also be tips in that section for developing Linux apps for Chrome OS at a later point, but since that feature is still in beta, that section isn’t there yet.

Google says it set up the site because the number of Chrome OS developers is growing and the number of Chromebooks sold is growing fast. The site is currently only available in English and Spanish. Later on, other languages ​​will be added.

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