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Google opens .app domain for registrations

Google opens the .app top-level domain for registrations. Websites that want to use a .app domain must use https. Google acquired the top-level domain in 2015 by adding 25 million dollars.

Google wants to persuade developers to register a .app domain . From Tuesday to May 7, the domains can be registered via an Early Access program, whereby an additional fee has to be paid. This should give buyers the opportunity to get a domain name before the .app top-level domain becomes available to everyone on 8 May.
The first sales phase takes place via a website from Google . The top-level domain is listed on the HSTS preload list making https mandatory for all connections to .app websites. Google states that .app websites are safe for users.
In 2015, it was announced that Google had acquired the .app top-level domain . The search giant paid 25 million dollars for it, currently around 21 million euros. Google has many other tlds in its hands, such as .google, .gmail, .docs, .drive and .android. Domains inside are not publicly available.


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