Google Maps gets new map with information about forest fires

Google Maps is getting a new map that will show information about active forest fires around the world. Google announced this during Search On 2021. The tree canopy map developed by Google, Tree Canopy Tool, will be expanded from fifteen to a hundred cities next year.

Google will soon indicate forest fires via red spots and markings on the new fire layer of Google Maps that does not contain any further address information. If a user points to the mark or spots, it will show how much area has already gone up in flames, the extent to which the fire is under control and the details of the local emergency services are provided.

The map is updated approximately every hour. The information is sent via Google’s analysis platform Earth Engine, which is connected to satellites. In the United States, it will also be possible to see smaller fires on the map, according to Google, this functionality should come to other countries such as Australia in the coming months.

The Google Tree Canopy Tool will also be expanded to more than 100 cities worldwide by 2022. With this tool one can check how dense the foliage is in some cities, how the air quality is and how warm it is in these areas. Google wants to use this information to better help local policymakers make climate-related decisions.

Google Maps Fire map type