Google makes tool available to provide Stadia controller with bluetooth

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Google has made an update tool available that will allow owners of a Stadia controller to add Bluetooth support. The game service for which the controllers were originally intended will go offline on Wednesday.

Medium the tool is it possible to enable the bluetooth mode of the Stadia controller, so that the controller can still be used for other services and devices even after the disappearance of Stadia. A software update will be downloaded as soon as you switch to Bluetooth mode. Chrome version 108 or newer is required to use the tool.

Switching to bluetooth is final; the update means Wi-Fi connectivity will be permanently disabled. It will still be possible to use a wired connection via USB-C. Until December 31, it is still possible to switch to Bluetooth mode.

In September last year it became clear that Google was going to pull the plug on Stadia. From that moment on, customers could no longer purchase new games via the platform, but they could still stream games via Google servers. From Wednesday, the entire Stadia service will stop.

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