Google lets developers roll back Android 13 update on Pixel 6 devices

Google has released an Android 12 Developer Support Image that allows developers to roll back the Android 13 update on a Pixel 6, 6 Pro or 6a device. Google had made the rollback impossible due to a vulnerability in the bootloader on these devices.

That vulnerability in the bootloader would according to google should be fixed in this image of Android 12. However, the company does not recommend using the Developer Support Image as a full Android version on devices. After all, Google writes that the Android 12 Developer Support Image will not receive any updates in the future, nor will it contain any bug fixes or patches that were added to Android 13.

Google also reports that the Android 12 Developer Support Image does not meet the requirements of the Compatibility Test Suite. This is a test environment for Android that can be used to check whether the operating system has been rooted or not and can be considered ‘trustworthy’ by apps. Because of this, it is possible that some online banking apps or games will not run on this Android 12 Developer Support Image.

Warning from Google to Pixel 6 users when updating to Android 13