Google is working on voice message transcribing feature in Messages app

Google is working on a feature to view voice message transcripts in the app. Users thus have an idea of ​​the content of a received voice message at times when they are not able to listen to the voice message.

In screenshots, created by 9to5Google, shows what the transcription of voice messages might look like in the app. In an iteration, incoming voice messages are automatically transcribed as they are received; in another, a user has to press a new transcribe button, after which the voice message is converted to text.

9to5Google dug into the app’s latest APK, reporting that the feature may not be widely released yet, but the website’s team has gotten the feature working manually. According to the website, the transcriptions of voice messages via Google’s Messages app are largely correct, although there is said to be a noticeable 13-second delay before the text is transcribed after pressing the button. It is unknown if and when the feature will be available to all users.

Source: 9to5Google