Google investigates integration of bitcoin in payment services

Google is looking at whether it will integrate bitcoin into its payment services, for example for its Wallet service. The internet giant has also asked Reddit readers how they think Google can use the virtual currency.

Marketing manager and bitcoin user Jarar Malik emailed several CEOs of leading tech companies asking what their plans were for integrating the virtual currency. He initially received little response, but eventually got into an email exchange with Google CEO Vic Gundotra and other Google employees. After a few emails, the internet giant confirmed that it is investigating how bitcoin could be included in future plans for new or improved payment services.

After Malik posted the answers on Reddit, he was approached by Ariel Bardin, CEO of Google Wallet. The question came up on Reddit: ‘What would I want Google to do with bitcoin?’ Readers of the website came up with several suggestions, including the ability to conduct bitcoin transactions using Wallet. It should also be possible to pay for various Google services, such as Adsense, in bitcoins.

Although Google seems to be interested in the virtual currency, it is not yet certain that the internet giant will actually take steps to enable bitcoin payments. Despite this, the number of online stores that accept bitcoin is still increasing. For example, the large online store Overstock announced that it would accept bitcoin payments, after which the store was able to welcome more than $ 130,000 in BTC transactions within a day, Forbes writes.