Synology Releases DiskStation Manager 5 Beta

Synology has released a public beta version of DiskStation Manager 5.0 for many of its NAS models. The software offers a polished interface, cloud syncing becomes easier and the installation procedure is further simplified.

The interface of DSM 5.0 has been cleaned up considerably. For example, the icons have been given a new design, the status widgets can be selected on the desktop and the interface must be easier to operate on Retina and 4k screens. The control panel has also been improved and has larger icons.

The software management in Package Center has also been overhauled. For example, the user can have certain packages updated automatically, while in DSM 4.3 and below this still has to be done manually. A search option is also built in that should send the user to a certain setting faster and a package can provide more visual feedback within the Package Center.

QuickConnect is a feature that should make it easier to connect to the NAS via the Internet, for example via the various mobile apps that Synology has on iOS and Android. Furthermore, in DSM 5.0 it is possible to stream media files to Chromecast dongles and Samsung Smart TVs. There is support for syncing with Google Drive, SkyDrive and Dropbox, while photos can be sent directly to YouTube from PhotoStation.

The VideoStation app can get movie metadata from the web. For business users, Synology promises, among other things, better remote management capabilities, sync data between different Synology NAS systems and protect data through a snapshot manager.