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Google Glass helps children with autism

We do not hear much about Google Glass . This is partly because it is far away from the consumers and is mainly used in companies. Nevertheless, a new application of Google Glass has been found by scientists. It can help autistic children to deal better with social situations.

Google Glass and autism

In the scientific journal Digital Medicine, researchers describe a therapy in which Google Glass works with facial recognition. Wearers of the glasses can see which emotion expresses another. 14 children with autism carried the glasses at home for the pilot.

The glasses record what the children see and send it to the app. The child can then play some kind of games to pay close attention to someone’s face and to learn which emotion comes with it. If they interpret it correctly, they are rewarded.

Technology and development of children

This way children can be helped in social development at a young age. This can come in handy in their later life. Twelve of the fourteen parents of the children indicated that their child made more eye contact compared to before. There was only no control group, so it can not be said with certainty whether this is the Google Glass.

Nevertheless, technology that is used for limitations is very promising. Google Glass is not the only player in the field that focuses on the use of technology in the social development of children. There is also a watch that helps autistic children and their surroundings with overstimulation. There are even special games for ADHD to create more peace and quiet.

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