Google Docs gets feature to collaborate on emails

Google provides Docs with a template for emails. This allows users to collaborate on composing an email, and when it’s ready, the email can be transferred to Gmail for sending with a single click.

The template for emails is added to the menu option Building Blocks under Insert, or Building Blocks under Insert. The template contains the usual input fields of an e-mail, such as the subject line and recipients. From Google Docs, users can enter ‘@name’ to add contacts.

According to Google, the integration in Docs is useful because it allows different users to collaborate on an email, with the usual functionality of Docs, such as adding comments and suggestions for improvement.

Next to the template is a Gmail icon and when users click on it, an email is generated in Gmail with all the information entered in Docs. That email can then be sent immediately. According to Google, the template will be added to Docs in a phased manner over 15 days. This applies to Google Workspace users as well as Legacy G Suite Basic and Business users.