Google buys artificial intelligence company

Google has acquired a company specializing in artificial intelligence. According to an American tech site, it is largely a talent acquisition, in which a company is taken over for the staff who work there.

Google has confirmed the acquisition of the company, DeepMind, to the website Recode, but will not disclose how much it has deposited for the company. According to Recode, however, it concerns 400 million dollars, or almost 300 million euros. The Financial Times states that it concerns a acquisition amount of 500 million dollars, or 365 million euros.

According to Recode, DeepMind was mainly acquired for the staff who work there. Google CEO Larry Page is said to have personally taken over the acquisition of the company. The company, which would be around three years old, employs at least 50 people according to Recode and was working on, among other things, a recommendation system for online stores.

It is not known exactly what Google would like to use the employees of DeepMind for. The company was co-founded by Demis Hassabis, a chess master and programmer. One of the creators of Kazaa and Skype, among others, has invested in the company.