“Google Assistant can soon be on hold on the phone on behalf of the user”

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Google Assistant on the Pixel 4 may have the function to take a call when the user is on hold. Assistant then monitors the telephone conversation and gives a signal when the user is being spoken to.

The information comes from a “trustworthy insider” of 9to5Google. The feature was supposed to be unveiled at Google’s October event, but it probably won’t come along with the Pixel 4’s release. He would follow a little later. Certain aspects of the position may also change. For now, the feature is called Hold My Phone.

9to5Google speculates that the feature, and the Pixel 4, will be unveiled at a Google event in October. All Pixel phones on the 3a and 3a XL were introduced in October. That event has not yet been announced, but the Android Dev Summit is already planned. However, the Pixel 4 will probably not be unveiled there. The feature is expected to be exclusive to the Pixel 4 for a while before coming to other Pixel devices.

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