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Google Assistant can call companies to make an appointment for users

Google Assistant is given a function to call companies to make an appointment on behalf of users. It is an experimental function. Users can now call multiple actions simultaneously against the digital assistant.

At the request of users, the Assistant can call the user’s phone in the background with, for example, a restaurant or hairdresser’s salon to make an appointment, Google says . Thanks to the new, more natural voices in Assistant in English, that has to be smooth. During the keynote during the keynote session, Google showed I / O demos during conversations with a hairdresser’s salon and a restaurant.
The bells take place when users ask to make an appointment. Assistant tries to understand the speech on the other side of the line and make an appointment on the days or times that the user has said in his or her command. It is unknown what happens if that fails; in the demos, of course, that went well. If an appointment succeeds, Assistant will return it to a notification on the lock screen.
The call function is experimental, but Google also announced that users can call multiple actions in a voice command. That is not an experimental function and will work for all users. For example, it is possible to turn off the light at once and turn the thermostat down, provided both are connected to the digital assistant.
In addition, users no longer have to use any follow-up command “hey google” or “ok google” to call. Furthermore, the search giant announced that Smart Displays with Android Things, which rely on Assistant for a large part of the control, will be on sale in July.


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