Google approves tablet for use with stylus standard

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Google has approved a tablet for use with the Universal Stylus Initiative, an organization that is trying to create a standard for styluses. As a result, the tablet must work with certified styluses instead of just a manufacturer’s own stylus.

The Google tablet that has been approved is called Tangor, reports Nugiz. Nothing is known about this tablet, so it is also unclear whether it is the Pixel Tablet that Google showed at its developer conference IO a few weeks ago.

It has been clear for some time that Google works with the Universal Stylus Initiative. Google is a member of the organization and the approved devices so far have been Chromebooks. With USI certification, buyers know that certain styluses are sure to work with certain devices. Until now, it has often been the case that a tablet or laptop only works with the active stylus of a manufacturer itself, leaving consumers with no choice.

The initiative has been around for several years and is the standard on devices with Chrome OS. Lenovo and Samsung, among others, are among the members of the organization, which theoretically means that many compatible devices could soon come to the market.

Google Pixel Tablet

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