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Google adds support for fingerprint scanner to Chrome OS

Google has added support for a fingerprint scanner to Chrome OS. The function can be found in the latest version of the dev channel version of the operating system and can be activated via the settings.
Chrome os fingerprint crop.According to VentureBeat, the feature is present in version 58.0.3007.0 of Chrome OS. The setting can be switched on by using the so-called quick unlock function in the flags menu. This way users who have already logged in can access the operating system by scanning their fingerprint.

Users can register up to five fingerprints. Currently there are no Chromebooks from Google or from other companies that have a fingerprint scanner. According to Chrome Unboxed there is a model in the making that has the function, but it is unclear when this model becomes available.

On other platforms there has been support for fingerprint scanners, such as Windows, for some time. Apple added support for this to its MacBooks, which presented it in October. Logging in with a pin was already possible on Chrome OS. In September, Google added access authorization via a rpm to the system.

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