Gmail will have a function to save photo from attachment directly to Google Photos

Google gives Gmail a new feature where users can save a photo from an email attachment directly to Google Photos. This option comes in addition to the ability to download photos from emails or save them to Drive.

To make this possible, Gmail is getting a new photo attachment button called ‘Save to Photos’. This allows users to save a photo as an attachment directly in Google Photos. This new button appears next to the familiar two buttons for downloading the photo and the ‘Add to Drive’ button.

According to Google, this new feature eliminates the need for users to download photo attachments from Gmail messages and then manually back them up to Google Photos. That last step can then be skipped.

Google says this new feature is gradually becoming available to users. It can take up to two weeks before the button is actually visible to everyone. The feature can be used by users with personal accounts, as well as Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business customers.