GitHub lets users create unlimited private repos with new pricing policy

GitHub makes all its features free for all users. Users who now have a non-paid account will now also have access to unlimited private repos, and teams can add an unlimited number of members.

GitHub changes the pricing model. All basic features will become free, but existing pricing plans will still remain, GitHub writes in a blog post. Free users can now create unlimited public and private repositories and add an unlimited number of participants to them. They can also perform two thousand Actions per month for free and they receive 500MB of storage space. GitHub says that the free package is therefore suitable for companies that want to work on repos via the platform.

However, paid plans remain available. For example, there is a Teams plan that allows for more storage space and Actions, and an Enterprise package that increases those numbers even further and has single sign-on. The Teams package has also become more than half as cheap. Users used to pay nine dollars a month, but that’s now four dollars a month.

GitHub does not write in a faq why it changes the price packages. CEO Nat Friedman tells TechCrunch that the changes have nothing to do with the corona pandemic, but that the company has had this on its roadmap for some time. The platform says it wants to move from a pay-for-privacy to a pay-for-features model. The packages will be active immediately. Paying customers will automatically pay less, and those who have paid in advance can request that money back.