CoD Warzone players complain about re-deleting three-tier teams

Players of the battle royale segment Warzone of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are complaining that Infinity Ward and Activision have once again cut the queue for three-man teams. That also happened recently, but then the makers quickly came back to it.

Developer Infinity Ward reports including on Twitter that the playlist for trios has been replaced with a mode called ‘Scopes and Scatter Guns’. The patch notes of the update, which was implemented on Tuesday evening, indicate that it is a presumably temporary mode in which players only have access to sniper rifles and shotguns.

On Reddit and Twitter, among others, quite a few players are expressing their displeasure with this new adjustment. It should be noted that Infinity Ward had just brought back the roster for teams of three players, after it was previously exchanged for squads of four players. Quite a few players are calling on the developer to stop cutting queues and bring back the option for teams of three. The frequently heard call to introduce a queue for duos is also heard again.

The arrival of the only sniper rifle and shotgun mode was previously announced, but until now it was not clear that that meant that a regular Warzone queue had to give way. Such ambiguity was also apparent when four-player squads were introduced a week ago; at the time, the patch notes did not state that the introduction was at the expense of the queue for three people.

The frustration among players is not only caused by the fickle policies that Infinity Ward and Activision have with Warzone. The elimination of the queue for three-man teams means that two friends who play the game together will now only have the choice between the solo mode, where playing together is impossible, or squads for four people. For squads, that means adding two more unknowns, who may not work together or play constructively. It is possible to prevent the addition of strangers, but then two cooperating friends can encounter quite a few well cooperating teams of four players on the playing field, which is quite a disadvantage.