George R.R. Martin’s new book comes out on November 20

While everyone is waiting for The Winds of Winter, the new part of the Song of Fire and Ice series has been delayed for ages. Many people know the series as the TV series Game of Thrones but the readers of the books have had to watch how the HBO series has moved further than the books, and Martin continues The Winds or postpone Winter .

When I saw that there was a publication date for his new book and that date was in 2018, I became equally enthusiastic, until it turned out that it was not about Winds of Winter at all. Martin has in fact found time to write a completely different book called Fire & Blood. That is not part of the saga, but more like a history book about the house Targaryen. So that will come out on November 20 of this year.

Fire & Blood takes place three hundred years before the events of the series of books and describes the conquest and union of the seven kingdoms. All interesting, of course, if you are really invested in the world and like Martin himself likes to read histories. He himself says that in the book (which also gets a part two) there are enough stories to fill in twenty more books, with everything that the Game of Thrones fans like: horror, lust, fighting, betrayal, releige wars, horror and of course incest.

He also goes into the question of whether Fire & Blood will be the source material for (one of) the different prequels that HBO plans to make when Game of Thrones is over, but he says it’s too early to say that because nobody knows for sure, and if he did, he could not say anything about it. Little information so, but let’s hope that Martin is really going to set sail behind his series and that in 2019 we will be able to enjoy the last season of GoT and of The Winds of Winter