G.Skill releases DDR5-SO DIMMs at speeds up to 5200MT/s

G.Skill releases DDR5 memory sticks in SO-DIMM format. The fastest DDR5-5200 strips are available with a capacity of 16GB and the DDR5-4800 variants also come as a 32GB variant. The memory is suitable for Intel Alder Lake laptops and mini PCs.

The G.Skill Ripjaws DDR5-5200-SO-DIMMs are the fastest to date. The Pricewatch contains bars with the same form factor from Kingston, Dell, Crucial and Transcend, but those are DDR5-4800 variants. G.Skill also makes bars at a speed of 4800MT/s and offers three variants with different CAS latencies. The fastest CL34-34-34-76 variant is only available with a capacity of 16GB. On the 32GB strips, the timings are set to CL40-39-39-76.

According to G.Skill, the memory sticks will be released in May. The manufacturer does not mention prices. DDR5-SO-DIMM memory sticks of 16GB are currently available from about 125 euros in the Pricewatch. 32GB strips start at 225 euros.

Speed CL Timings Kit capacity
DDR5-4800 34-34-34-76 1x 16GB / 2x 16GB
1x 16GB / 2x 16GB
1x 32GB / 2x 32GB
DDR5-5200 38-38-38-38 1x 16GB / 2x 16GB