Fujifilm gives X-T3 mirrorless camera 26-megapixel sensor and 4k60fps movie function

Fujifilm has officially announced its X-T3 mirrorless camera. The device gets a new BSI sensor of the aps-c format and can film in 4k resolution at 60fps. 2.1 million phase-detection points are used for autofocus. You can shoot at 20fps.

The 26-megapixel sensor is a small step forward in terms of resolution, the X-T2 had a 24-megapixel sensor. However, it is the first back-side illuminated sensor in a Fujifilm X camera and that technology makes it possible to read the sensor faster, resulting in higher frame rates when filming and photographing. Fujifilm also equips the X-T3 system camera with a new and faster image processor, the X-Processor 4.

When using the electronic shutter, the X-T3 can take full-resolution photos at 20 frames per second. There is also a mode where that goes up to 30 fps, then a 1.25x crop is made of the sensor. The crop is indicated in the viewfinder. With the mechanical shutter, the maximum shooting speed is 11 fps.

Fujifilm says that the autofocus is also a big improvement. 2.1 million phase-detection pixels are used on the sensor and there are 425 selectable focus points, covering virtually the entire sensor plane. The face and eye detection focus have also been improved, the latter is now available in combination with continuous autofocus.

The X-T3 has a pre-capture option, where photos are captured in a buffer. When users press the shutter button, they are actually saved. In this way, images are also captured from the moment just before pressing the shutter button.

The X-T3 can film in both dci-4k and uhd-4k resolutions of 4096×2160 and 3840×2160 pixels with a maximum of 60fps. It is possible to record in the camera with 10bit and 4:2:0 compression, with h265 compression. The HDMI port outputs a 10bit signal with 4:2:2 compression, which can be recorded with an external recorder. The camera has a microphone input and an audio output and features Fujifilm’s F-Log profile.

The housing is almost identical to that of the X-T2. Fujifilm has made some improvements. For example, the 3.2″ screen on the back is now a touchscreen and the OLED viewfinder has been given a higher resolution of 3.7 million pixels. Fujifilm will release the camera on September 20. In the US, the loose body has a suggested retail price of 1500 dollars and there will be a kit with the XF 18-55mm lens for USD 1900. Converted with VAT, that is about 1560 and 1980 euros.