Fuchsia OS Is REAL And Will Replace Android!

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The mystery of Fuchsia has been unfolding since 2016, it is, of course, another operating system from Google, developed in open source, that could simply replace Android in the future. The company, of course, the tech giant Google generally avoids talking about it, but in this edition of the I / O Conference, Google decided to tell something more about it.

The brand new operating system from the tech giant Google, of course, Fuchsia is not exactly a “new Android ” or “a new Chrome OS “, is actually, an experimental project that can easily run on all kinds of devices, including the internet of things (IoT).

Head of Android and Chrome explains to the well-known media portal that Fuchsia OS “is a new approach to what an operating system could be, because the intention is to continue the state of affairs in the area of ​​operating systems and the things we have learned from Fuchsia, we can also integrate it into other products. “

It seems that the new operating system is not meant to replace Android, but he says that” people are very excited to say that this is the new Android or this is the new Chrome OS but this is really not the idea of ​​Fuchsia, because everyone assumes that Fuchsia was made for smartphones, but if it could be used for other things? “

But what things? In a chat, during Google I / O Lockheimer hinted that” there are different types of devices that require operating systems, not just smartphones and computers. In the world of the Internet of Things, there are a growing number of devices that require an operating system, new runtimes and so on. “

” I think there is enough room for multiple operating systems with different strengths and specializations, “he adds.” Fuchsia is one of them, so keep an eye on it. “

Perhaps it was really hard to believe that Google would really just keep one operating system since it company has been launching competitive products for years if we look at it, then we can establish that Google already has six chat apps, and they are hangouts Chat Meet Duo Messages and Vote.

However, the tech giant Google has carried out a cleanup on these duplicates, because Inbox is over, Allo was closed, while the Hangouts classic may not work in 2020 and YouTube Music has received functions from Google Play Music.

Perhaps Fuchsia OS could step into that same strategy because according to the well-known media platform, Bloomberg, it should be released in 2021 simply to replace Android in smartphones over a five-year period. In addition, the source code of the system indicates that it will be able to run Android apps.

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