French publisher to release new Tintin game

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A new Tintin game is in the works for PC and consoles. The French publisher Microids is going to publish the game, but the exact title is not yet known. The previous Tintin game came out in 2011.

For the development, the French Microids has entered into a partnership with Moulinsart, the publisher of the Tintin books. According to IGN, the game is described as an action-adventure where in addition to Tintin, as Tintin is internationally called, the well-known characters will make their appearance, such as Captain Haddock and the dog Bobbie.

According to Microids, making a new Tintin game had been a wish for some time. However, nothing has been released about a release date yet. And although it has been announced that the game will be released for both PC and console, it is not yet known which consoles it concerns.

The previous Tintin game, titled Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn, was released in 2011. Gameloft was the developer of that.

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