Suspected Intel Ponte Vecchio Xe GPUs appear at trade commission

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Three Ponte Vecchio GPUs from Intel have appeared on the website of the Eurasian Economic Commission. This would include two GPUs with add-in-card format. All three GPUs are currently in a test phase.

The trade commission registrations were spotted by Twitter user momomo_us. One of the products that appeared at the trade commission is an upgrade kit, according to the listing. This could probably be a separate Ponte Vecchio module, which can be used in server racks, for example, writes

However, ‘aic’ is mentioned in the other two variants. This probably stands for ‘add-in-card’, which possibly means that it concerns separate GPUs. Intel previously showed that the data center GPUs can also be integrated on a motherboard, just like some GPUs from Nvidia, including the Tesla V100. The upgrade kit variant is reportedly still in alpha phase, and is still being tested by Intel and third parties. The two suspected AIC models are still in a pre-alpha phase.

The Ponte Vecchio Xe GPUs use chiplets based on Intel’s 7nm process, Intel reported last year. The video cards are intended for high-performance computing use cases, such as use in supercomputers and data centers. The GPUs should appear on the market in 2021, and will be used in the Aurora supercomputer, among other things.

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