Former employees of Blizzard and Epic Games establish new game studio

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Some former employees of Blizzard and Epic Games have raised $ 5 million to establish a new game studio called Lightforge Games. This new studio will focus on updating RPGs.

The new studio was founded by Matt Schembari, Dan Hertzka, Nathan Fairbanks, Glenn Rane and Marc Hutcheson. In addition, six other ‘experienced’ employees have been hired. Together, the game developers have earned their stripes at Epic, Blizzard, Riot, Bioware and Zenimax Online.

Matt Schembari, CEO of Lightforge, wants to be with the studio rethink how RPGs are played. “We have a passion for social and creative games. We want to combine certain game elements from games such as Minecraft and Roblox with those from traditional RPGs, ”says Schembrari. “Making a game should become part of the game”, it sounds. According to Shelbrari, it was too early to reveal concrete details about new projects.

The cash, $ 5 million, was raised from Galaxy Interactive, NetEase, Maveron, 1UP Ventures, Dreamhaven and other industry investors. Over the past two years, other former employees of Blizzard game companies have also sprung up, including former Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime with Dreamhaven, Tim Campbell with Frost Giant, Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin with Warchief Gaming.

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