Former Blizzard, Epic and Riot employees reveal their own MMO Palia

Developer Singularity 6 will announce the new mmo Palia on Friday. It is the studio’s first game to consist primarily of former employees of Blizzard, Epic, and Riot. According to the studio, Palia should be a ‘massively multiplayer community simulation game’.

In Palia, players can build their own base and personalize it as they see fit. The announcement trailer shows a player planting a vegetable garden and working from a tent to a fully furnished house.

In addition, players can go on an adventure together and the game is intended to become a real mmo. Not much has been revealed about the story or the possible enemies that players will encounter in the game. In an earlier interview with Techcrunch, the developers said they took inspiration from games such as Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Palia is still in a very early stage of development. Singularity 6 doesn’t say when they think the game will be finished. Interested parties can register for a pre-alpha test via the game’s website.

Singularity 6 was founded in 2018. In 2019, the founders raised $16.5 million from an investor for the development of their game.