Former Bethesda producer’s studio announces open world RPG Wyrdsong

Something Wicked Games will announce the open world RPG Wyrdsong with a short teaser trailer during gamescom 2022. The game is in a very early stage of development and no release date has been announced yet.

Wyrdsong is an open world RPG set in a fictionalized version of medieval Portugal. During gameplay, according to CEO Jeff Gardiner, players must “question the nature of reality,” which should be enhanced through the use of an “unreliable narrator.” “At Wyrdsong, we have a strong focus on choices and consequences in a deep, meaningful way, which hopefully has never been done before by an RPG,” said Gardiner. opposite The Washington Post. The word ‘wyrd’ would mean something like ‘destiny’ in Old English.

Two worlds are shown in the reveal trailer. There is a somewhat realistic medieval castle with a Templar in front of it. Then a kind of shadow version of that same world appears, in which magic and supernatural beings are reality.

Something Wicked Games was recently founded by Jeff Gardiner and Charles Staples. Gardiner spent 16 years at Bethesda, including senior producer on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. Staples worked at Obsidian Entertainment as lead designer on Fallout: New Vegas and later as design director on The Outer Worlds.