‘First Battlefield 2042 season may start in March 2022’

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The first season of Battlefield 2042 may start in March 2022 at the earliest, according to information from well-known Battlefield data miner Temporyal, which has found 12 weeks of pre-season content in the game’s client.

Temporyal reports on Twitter that there are weekly missions for twelve ‘pre-season’ weeks in Battlefield 2042, noted VGC among others. That indicates that the first official in-game season will start in March 2022, although the data miner points out that it’s also possible that DICE has added a few weekly missions as “backup” to the game. DICE itself has not yet given any details about the game’s first season.

The first season of Battlefield 2042 should also add new content to the game. For example, the dataminer reports that a new playing field is being added to the game, called Exposure. Map references was found earlier, when the playing field was still known as ‘Ridge’. In-game quotes shared by Temporyal indicate that the Exposure playing field has been damaged from a landslide. The map is located in British Columbia and contains a shared US-Canada research facility.

Battlefield 2042 was released on November 19 for consoles and PCs. The shooter was received negatively by gamers upon release, among other things because of bugs, the class system, gunplay and other aspects of gameplay. Developer DICE has indicated that it wants to address various aspects of the game in response to the criticism.

On December 9, DICE . released the last update of 2021 out, which among other things improved the hit registration. The studio then indicated that it would take a break around the end of this month. DICE said it would return to the game in 2022, “on its way to Season One”, but did not share any details. The company will share more details about future Battlefield 2042 content and customizations in the new year.

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