Firmware Update: Tyan Thunder n4250QE 2.07

Tyan has for his motherboards of the types Thunder n4250QE (S4985 and S4985-E) released a new bios with 2.07 as the version number. The motherboards are based on Nvidia nForce Pro 2200 / 2050 chips and can accommodate four AMD Opteron 8000 series processors with socket-1207 sockets. The list of changes looks like this:

Version 2.07:

  • Updated AGESA code to v3.3.0.3
  • Fixed an issue where a single SATA HD would list twice in the boot order
  • Added a HT Link 8-bit/16-bit Option to the bios
  • Fixed an issue where VMware ESX3.5 would not work properly with Adaptec SAS RAID products
  • Fixed an issue where a HD would show twice in the Boot listing
  • Updated the NVIDIA SATA HD assignment IDs
  • Updated the # of PCI SCSI devices that would be supported in the boot order
  • Added a bios beep alarm for when no VGA is present
  • Fixed a RTC Wake Up issue
  • Fixed the “Expansion ROM not initialized” error during POST when using an ATI FirePRO v8700 + 3rd party controller cards

Version 2.06:

  • Update AMD AGESA code to v3.3.0.0
  • Added AMD Shanghai CPU Support
  • Fixed an issue where the bios will add a SDR in the IPMI
  • Updated the CK804 Pro chipset to support creation of 4TB sized SATA RAID arrays
  • Updated NVMM to v5.083.10.
  • Added Memory Frequency Option settings in the BIOS setup
  • Added Processor Assisted Virtualization feature
  • Updated the POST information to show L3 cache
  • Updated POST beeps to included memory errors
  • Fixed an issue where using 2x PCIe video cards would cause the 2nd installed card to show a Code 12 in the device manager

Version number 2.07
Release status Final
Website Tyan
License type Freeware