Download Firmware Sandisk Sansa Fuze 01.02.26 / 02.02.26

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Sandisk has released new firmwares for its Sansa Fuze portable media players. These devices are equipped with 2, 4 or 8GB of internal memory and are also not averse to microSD/SDHC memory cards. Depending on the hardware revision, a separate firmware is available, but the changes are the same. New in this release is, among other things, that the music database can contain twice as many songs, for which a format of the player is required. Below is the full changelog for this release:

New features:

  • Supports slotRadio card playback through microSD slot
    Note: slotRadio cards are available for purchase on starting April 28th
  • Replay Gain feature added to provide volume normalization for music playback
    Note: 3 settings of Replay Gain available: Off / Song (provide normalization throughout current playing song only) / Album (normalization for whole playing album). Song volume can also be pre-gained at 1.5 dB intervals
  • Folder Navigation feature added to conveniently locate songs stored and sorted by folders
    Note: For MTP content navigation, go to Music > Folders and select MTP folder first
  • Track Info is added to provide more details about current playing song


  • Song database supports up to 8000 songs (requires device format through settings menu for libraries larger than 4000 files)
  • ID3 tags version 2.4 is now supported
  • Improved “Preparing to scan for media” time during Rhapsody launch
  • Improved enumeration time during Napster launch
  • Embedded album art support is added for OGG and FLAC

Bugs Fixed:

  • OGG and FLAC deletion takes up to 2 min
  • Volume jumps to max level between tracks
  • Device hangs when switching from OGG playback to MP3 playback
  • Device hangs at “Refreshing your media” state
  • Shuffle doesn’t access beyond 2000 songs
  • “Add to GoList” doesn’t work at Artist level if Rhapsody Channel is present
  • FM scan stops at one station before the last one

Known Issues:

  • Rating info is lost following database refresh on songs loaded in microSD
  • Deleting video from microSD card doesn’t clear file from database
  • Some language strings are still in English
  • Refresh database progress bar doesn’t scale with time

The following downloads are available:
Sansa Fuze Firmware 01.02.26
Sansa Fuze Firmware 02.02.26

Version number 01.02.26 / 02.02.26
Release status Final
Website Manufacturer
License type Freeware
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