Download Firmware MSI K7T266 Pro2

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eggplant writes: “Only on German site”

My German isn’t what it used to be. But they solved the problems with the RAID controller in combination with a SCSI controller. Meanwhile, MSI-taiwan has also put this BIOS online, with clearer English release notes:

Update Description

  • Fixed problem system can’t run On-Board RAID BIOS when adding SCSI Card & SCSI HDD
  • Fixed problem wherein there will be a ! yellow mark on secondary IDE when enable ‘CPU Critical Temp’ in the BIOS
  • Add “CPU Fan Detection” item in hardware monitor setup. Set this as disable if you connect your fan directly to the power supply
  • Fixed problem wherein Cherry PS2 Keyboard can’t work
  • Fixed Memtest program fail when using 3 pcs 256 DDR memory

Version number 3.2
Operating systems DOS
Website MSIA
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