Firmware update: Epox8KHA+

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DJkim informed us that Epox has a new BIOS online for the 8KHA+. Among other things, this update should provide better support for future AMD CPUs. Version 2304 has the following changelog:

  • Turn off Keyboard LED after ACPI S3/S4/S5 modes.
  • Fixed ability to modify DRAM Bank when overclocked.
  • Added support for hard drives up to 137GB.
  • Added CPU support for new AMD processors.
  • Added support for ATA-133 hard drives. †

* – ATA-133 clarification: This does not add ability to use ATA-133 modes for hard drives. It allows the BIOS identify ATA-133 drives as being attached. Actual drive transfer modes limited by IDE controller (max ATA-100).

Version number 2304
Operating systems DOS
Website epoxy
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