Firmware Update: Draytek Vigor 2862 3.9.5

Draytek has released new firmware for its Vigor 2862 routers. These vdsl2/adsl2+ routers have one gigabit ethernet LAN port and four gigabit ethernet LAN ports. In addition, the router can set up 32 VPN tunnels and, depending on the model, there are one or two USB ports available to connect a printer, for example. Furthermore, there is the choice to take the Vigor 2862 without wireless capabilities, with 802.11n in the form of the Vigor 2862n, with 802.11ac in the form of the Vigor 2862ac or 2862Vac, with an already built-in lte modem in the form of the Vigor 2862L, 2862Ln or 2860Lac, or in the form of the Vigor 2862B or 2862Bn, where VDSL bonding is supported. The version number has landed at 3.9.5 with the following changes:


  • Improved: Support full version of WLAN profile for AP mode.
  • Improved: Support WAN IP Alias ​​used for Dynamic DNS client of DrayOS.
  • Corrected: An issue of Mesh reconnection.
  • Corrected: An issue of conditional DNS forwarding working for VPN user.
  • Corrected: An issue of SMTP port number setting for Mail Alert Setup (eg, 587 for StartTLS).
  • Improved: Support for VLAN over Mesh (Bridge VLAN to Mesh) for multi-subnets and isolated guest Wi-Fi.
  • Corrected: A display issue of “DHCP IP Assignment Table” on Diagnostics>>View DHCP Assigned IP Addresses.

Version number 3.9.5
Release status Final
Website Draytek
License type Freeware