Firmware Update: AC Ryan PlayOn! HD Mini 7.0.6 r3875

AC Ryan has not only released a new firmware for the PlayOn! HD, also the PlayOn! HD Mini can be updated. The AC Ryan PlayOn! HD Mini has the same specifications as its big brother, but in a smaller housing. As a result, there is no room for an internal hard drive and he also has to do without a digital coax connection and card reader. On the other hand, it can do its job without active cooling. The version number of the firmware for the mini is the same as that of the ‘regular’ PlayOn! HD, but the changelog is slightly shorter:

Changes in version 7.0.6 r3875:

  • Add new options in Setup/Video menu
    • Plasma mode (Dark/Dim/Light)
    • Screen size resolution
  • Add new menu language for Asian version
    • Thai
  • Add new menu language for European version
    • Slovenian
    • Greek
  • Add new text encoding
    • Arabic(CP1256)
  • Add Screen Saver timing selection (1 minute/2 minutes/5 minutes)
  • Add Subtitle default On/Off
  • Add menu for selecting Audio/Subtitle/Title/Chapter/DVD Menu
    • Press MENU button during video playback to display navigation menu
  • Add frames seek function during video playback (video dependent)
    • Press left or right button during video playback to jump to frames backward or forward.
  • Add Photo thumbnail function
    • At Browser, filter by Photo and then navigate to the folder containing the media
  • Add auto preview the first image file in a folder when selected in Browser
  • Fix displaying of Chinese characters correctly when sorted by Music Artist in Media Library
  • Improved skipping of music tracks by pressing the Previous or Next button
    • During music playing, pressing Next button will play the next track or Previous button to play previous track
  • Improved displaying of elapsed time/total time when playing an audio file
    • During audio playing, press the INFO button to display details of the media

AC Ryan PlayOn! HD Mini on top of an AC Ryan PlayOn! HD.

Version number 7.0.6 r3875
Release status Final
Website AC Ryan
File size 38.60MB
License type Freeware