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Firefox turns off the function to go back with Backspace key

Mozilla turns off the function in its browser Firefox to go back one page by pressing Backspace. Users can turn the feature back on. Mozilla suspects that many people used the feature by mistake.

The function is disabled by default from Firefox 86, according to the changelog on Bugzilla. That version should be released at the end of February; the stable version is now at version 84. Figures from Mozilla show that users use the Backspace key within the browser a total of 40 million times a month, much more than other shortcuts such as Ctrl-F for search or the shortcut for Forward.

Users who want to use the Backspace key to go back, can set the browser’s page about:configunder the name Backspace_Actionto go back one page when the key is pressed. By default, no function will be associated with the key. Other browsers have turned off the Backspace key feature some time ago.

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