Filmmaker accuses Capcom of copying Resident Evil monster design

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A filmmaker claims that Capcom copied one of his samples for Resident Evil Village. The Japanese game developer would have used the design of a monster from his horror film Frankenstein’s Army without permission.

Film director Richard Raaphorst from Netherlnds published a series of images on LinkedIn, in which the respective samples are compared. Please note that these images can be experienced as spoilers. “In 2013 I directed my film Frankenstein’s Army”, Raaphorst writes. “It’s an insane monster movie full of my own monster designs, one of which has been used completely without permission or credits in the latest Resident Evil game.”

It is a human-like monster from Frankenstein’s Army, which has an airplane propeller as its head. A similar monster is said to exist somewhere in the Resident Evil Village game, which came out earlier this month. A Twitter user also published a list of images of other Resident Evil Village monsters that may have been inspired by monsters from Frankenstein’s Army.

Raaphorst informs Eurogamer that he does not expect any compensation for the use of his sample, as the rights of the film are owned by the American MPI Media Group. He says he will not take legal action but would like to receive credits in Resident Evil Village. Capcom has not yet responded to the claims.

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