Spotify allows mobile users to share podcasts from specific time

Spotify is adding a new feature to its mobile apps that allows users to share links to a specific timestamp from a podcast. The feature is due to roll out globally to the streaming service’s iOS and Android apps from Monday.

Users can use the feature to share a specific fragment of a podcast with friends, for example when the host of a podcast is talking about an interesting topic, Spotify writes on its website . Previously, users could only share a url to the entire podcast episode.

Users will now be presented with an option to share a podcast from a specific point in time in the Spotify share menu. This makes the operation comparable to sharing YouTube videos; that video platform has had a similar function for some time. Users can then copy the link or share it directly via social media such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat.

Furthermore, Spotify makes it possible to share music with the Canvas function to Snapchat. With Canvas, artists can provide their song pages with short animated images during playback, which are played in a loop . Users have already been able to share such songs with Canvas via Instagram Stories.

Spotify seems to be focusing more on podcasts lately. Rumors have been circulating for some time that Spotify would offer paid subscriptions to podcasts, with podcast makers getting all the revenue. The platform stated in February that podcasts are an important factor for the growth of the platform. A quarter of the monthly active Spotify users would listen to one or more podcasts.