FBI has arrested administrator of hacker forum BreachForums

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The FBI arrested the owner and administrator of BreachForums in New York state last week, the agency testified in a US courtroom. The man would have known who he is and what he does.

That writes The Register, among others, which has put court documents online. The man, who goes by the name Conor Brian Fitzpatrick and the alias pompompurin, is facing a single charge of conspiracy to commit access device fraud. He is currently free after his parents posted $300,000 bail.

BreachForums is seen as the spiritual successor to RaidForums. There, files with personal data were regularly shared or offered for sale, which had been collected by scraping or hacks, for example. RaidForums was taken offline in April 2022 through a collaboration between the FBI, Europol and other parties. The Register then wrote that the popularity of BreachForums after RaidForums took down took flight.

Pompompurin is not only the administrator of the website, but is also active as a hacker. In 2021, he confessed to Krebs On Security that he used the FBI’s domain and email system to spread an email hoax.

Bloomberg writes that a local newspaper mentioned that pompompurin will finish high school in 2021. According to court documents, he was born in 2002, so he would turn 21 this year.

Source: Breach Forums through Bloomberg

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