Fairphone 4 will receive Android 12 upgrade in February

Fairphone will release the Android 12 upgrade for the Fairphone 4 from February 1. It is a phased rollout, although it is not clear how long this will take. The upgrade for the phone was previously slated to be released in December last year.

Company says on his forum to release the Android 12 upgrade from February 1, but gives no further details about the update and what it entails. The upgrade should have been released in Decemberbut due to ‘a critical problem related to emergency calls’ it was postponed.

This problem appears to have been resolved, although Fairphone is not yet releasing the update in France and Switzerland. Here there would be ‘performance problems’. Fairphone is still working on the update for these regions and wants to release it soon. In the meantime, the company is releasing an Android 11 security update for these regions.

The Fairphone 4 is a smartphone that the company released in 2021. According to Fairphone, this was the first ‘zero-waste’ phone where a smartphone is recycled for every unit sold. The phone manufacturer normally supports its phones for years; the Fairphone 2, for example, received an Android update seven years after its introduction.