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Facebook works on ar glasses

Facebook is working on augmented reality glasses. That has confirmed a top man of the company. It is still unknown if and when the glasses should come on the market. Facebook’s subsidiary Oculus has been making VR glasses for several years.

Facebook chief executive for augmented reality Ficus Kirkpatrick tells Techcrunch that the company is working on ar glasses, but that the ideal glasses that Facebook has in mind has not yet technically possible. The research is done by Facebook in the ‘Reality Labs’ of Oculus.

The company has started selling consumer products. In addition to the headsets from Oculus, Facebook sells the Portal a ‘smart screen’ for video calling. In the field of augmented reality, Facebook has AR Studio, a platform for the development of augmented reality in camera apps from phones.

Kirkpatrick leaves nothing in the interview about what the ar-glasses look like or what they can do. A few months ago the American company Magic Leap released its first ar glasses, while Microsoft has been selling the Hololens for several years. The first ar-glasses were Google’s Glass, but now the search company has stopped.

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