Facebook makes Instant Games available to all Messenger users

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Facebook has started making its Instant Games available worldwide in the Messenger app. Over the next few weeks, all 1.2 billion users will have access to the games feature. Developers also get more options.

One of the new options for developers is the creation of turn-based games, where players take turns making a move or taking an action. There will also be Game bots, which can send messages to players to motivate them to achieve a higher score, for example.

According to Facebook, Zynga’s Words With Friends is one of the first games to take advantage of the new features. Also, according to the social network Game bots, the game EverWing, one of the most popular Instant Games, is coming to the game.

Depending on the device used and the location where the player is located, there are about fifty games available to play from Messenger. According to Facebook, new titles are added every week.

Making Instant Games available to all 1.2 billion users will take several weeks. Users of the app get the functionality through an update for iOS and Android.

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