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Virtual Reality: a powerful online marketing tool

Website visitors want more and more control over how content is used and experienced. That’s why it’s good to think about the visual content of your website. One way to give your users a unique experience is by implementing Virtual Reality. Wondering how this works and what it can deliver for your company? We are happy to explain it to you.

Virtual Reality and e-commerce

Thanks to Virtual Reality it is possible to imitate the physical reality. Virtual Reality is becoming increasingly popular and the applications are endless. We see that this is already being done a lot in the entertainment industry, but also within e-commerce it is increasingly upcoming. By using Virtual Reality on your website, you can give your customers a unique experience so that you can ensure an optimal customer experience. With that you can say that Virtual Reality is a powerful marketing tool, provided of course you are working on it in the right way.

Virtual shopping

A Dutch company that uses Virtual Reality in a unique and effective way is Wifimedia . Via the website of Wifimedia you can virtually walk through the physical store in Arnhem by means of arrows. In practice, this has often already been done via, for example, a virtual tour of Google . However, the virtual tour of Wifimedia goes a step further. A digital advisor is present when walking around the store. This advisor does his / her chat with various products. This allows customers to get acquainted with the products of brands such as Sonos, HEOS by Denon, LG and Sony while a specialist tells all ins and outs about the specific product.

Customer benefits

Thanks to the Virtual Reality tour, customers not only get to know the product groups, but also get a good idea of ​​what Wifimedia has to offer in its experience store. In addition, they are immediately provided with product information, as they would receive in the physical store. In short: you can see this as online shopping 2.0. Wifimedia brings together online and offline and we expect more companies to follow in the future.

Virtual Reality vs. Augmented Reality

Where in the future more and more use is made of Augmented Reality . Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are often confused, while there is an essential difference between both ways. Good to know more about both possibilities. Augmented Reality means that graphic content is added to an image of reality. A well-known example is the successful Pokémon Go game. Just like Virtual Reality Augmented Reality can provide many opportunities for your company.

Opportunities Virtual Reality?

Thanks to Virtual Reality, marketing teams and entrepreneurs can take the customer’s experience to the next level in an innovative way. The customer has the control in his own hands. In this way he or she has the opportunity to discover and create the story. This is something that many people need. It also provides many benefits for you as an entrepreneur. Thanks to Virtual Reality, you can easily gain insight into user behavior. It is easy to measure data so that you can see exactly what your customers want and do. For these reasons, we encourage every company to seriously think about Virtual Reality. Be ahead of and compete for the competition today.

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