Facebook is developing an internet satellite

Facebook is apparently developing an internet satellite. This satellite would provide internet in the back areas. Facebook has confirmed that it is indeed behind the system and that the satellite has ‘Athena’ as its title.

Internet satellite

Last week, Facebook announced that it would stop using the internet drone project Aquila. They will no longer develop drones, but instead the focus will be on the internet satellite.

More than half of the inhabitants on earth have no online opportunities yet. The only way in which this will become accessible would be to use low satellites that float 100 to 1250 miles above the surface of the earth. This makes internet satellites a popular industry. SpaceX has already launched the first satellites in February. They see their chance clean and want to be the first on this ‘new’ market.

Facebook extension

For Facebook the interests are big to develop and launch internet satellites. Residents of areas where there is currently no internet are all potential future Facebook users. In this way the reach of the social media platform becomes even greater. This also gives Facebook the opportunity to advertise even more online.